What donut do you wear?


We all like donuts don’t we? I do, the sweet sugary taste, the billowy goodness you enjoy after your first bite. It’s comforting even though you know it’s not the best for you. We all crave that sense of comfort and that immediate taste bud fix.

Recently a friend asked me why her favourite piece of clothing was so special. She was trying to understand why a certain article of clothing holds special meaning. I thought about for a minute and said: “well it brings you comfort, it makes you feel secure and it becomes that go to piece of clothing you wear over and over again.” Typically it’s well worn because you wear it over and over again and are continually washing it to keep it clean. My friends favourite article of clothing was a soft green angora sweater and it keeps her warm in her house. Mine is a blue pull over Polartec sweater that is baggy and is also very warm. It’s not the most glamorous piece of clothing but it holds significance because it’s been through a lot with me and has travelled life’s journey with me.

I titled this piece “what donut do you wear?” because a favourite piece of clothing reminds me of donuts. Donuts and my sweater give me that same comfort although one is comfort through food and the other is comfort through clothes.

In high school I remember loving Doc Martens. I had this favourite pair that were a black oxford style. You had to literally bang them with hammer when you bought them because they were tough and you wanted that worn in feeling right away. I no longer have those shoes but I did buy a pair of black mary jane Doc Marten shoes about 5 years and they instantly reminded me of the pair I had in high school all those years ago.

So the question for you is tell me what donut you wear? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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