What happened to the lost art of penmanship?

The other day I had to hand write a thank you card and it was agony. It’s not that I never jot down notes during the day but I print quickly and get on with the next task. What happened to the art of handwriting?  The reason writing was such agony? I had to slow down, concentrate on forming letters and write as neatly as possible.  The card stock was beautiful and naturally I made mistakes but covered them up with my hand drawn loops and hoped the recipient didn't notice.  The whole process made me sad. What had happened to me?

Years ago I remember getting letters in the mail and writing all the time. In fact I love fountain pens and started collecting them years ago. To this day I love the feel of the nib on malleable paper. There is something majestic about the whole process. In this fast paced world of constant technology and trying to do things quicker we’ve lost something in the process. Even typing on a computer loses that connection to the paper and to the art of penmanship.

Writing that card made me realize I have to more of it and often. It forces me to think, to connect, to slow down and use concentrate. I simply can’t zone out.  It takes me back to my childhood and to a deep appreciation of the past. Using a fountain pen makes me feel I’m in a different century where life is meant to be savoured and not rushed?

When is the last time you hand wrote a letter? Why not give it a try.

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