When you just can't

This has been a power week.  We’ve gotten two runs in, long walks and sugar consumption has been low. Yesterday I was up at 6am working away and went until 11:30 at night.  Lists were made, plans were set and the Christmas market was a mere two days away and I was on fire with productivity.

Woke up this morning and it has all gone terribly wrong.  I am sick, flu or cold or some horrible virus has invaded my body.  My energy level is lower than a dust mite and yet the list sits on my desk, begging to be done.  Set up is tonight at 7pm and I doubt I’ll be up much longer, I can do one small chore and then I have to lay down for a nap.

WHO PLANNED THIS?  Not I, not me Miss Type A+, this was not in the schedule.  I MUST get another run in today, I MUST get all packed up and I MUST invent the cure for cancer as well.  But I can’t, I don’t want to and worst of all, I don’t care.  The Little Bloom is running around trying to get it all in and I'm watching her, flipping through Facebook is all I have the energy for.  Now what?

Here’s my plan for the day: look at my list and pick out the essentials.  Slow way down in my head and just breathe.  Drink lots of water and hot tea and make time to sit and read a magazine.  Dress warmly and go out for a 20 minute walk, if I feel like little bursts of running I will, the goal is to get out the door.  Make a list of what brings me joy, in fact I am writing it down this minute and have lavender essential oil in my little diffuser.  Feeling better already, we can do this people, we are in this together.  And this 30 day blog challenge has made me realize that we are not alone, so thank you friends, I’ll be bringing you along with me this weekend.  Hugs.

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