Why Typing Isn’t To Blame

Long ago, I missed a week of high school due to some cold/flu sickness going around.  It was the week that we learned the numbers row in typing.  STOP READING if you don’t recognize the word t-y-p-i-n-g, this post will make no sense to you :)

So when I returned the following week, everyone was proficient typing out their numbers.  I tried to catch up but never did.  Finished the whole class ‘hunting and pecking’ for numbers and apparently passed.

I blame that week on a lot of things.  “Well, no I am not a brain surgeon, I can’t type numbers fast enough”. 

But today, while driving I started blaming my lack of:  business skills/having a husband/being a millionaire on not learning to type numbers.  I actually went through the whole conversation in my head and managed to loop the blame back to that week of missed typing.

For me, it goes back to wanting what I don’t have.  Why isn’t Taylor Swift Instagramming about me?  Why don’t I get every account in the city?  Why do I have to work so hard late at night stamping soaps?  Sounds like a pity party doesn’t it?

Every morning when I get up I’ve started doing these grueling exercises, they only take about 5 minutes but I hate them and they’re hard to do.  Yesterday I actually tried to hide under the covers because I didn’t want to get up to do these stupid exercises.  I started justifying why I shouldn’t have to do them (and no, I didn’t think about the missed week in typing and then I thought, ‘I am lucky to be able to move my body, I am privileged to have the freedom to exercise, this isn’t a hardship, this is my rent to live in this body’.

And I jumped up and did the whole sequence.  And this morning I got up and didn’t whine at all, I just got down to it.

For me, turning it around really helped and not that YOU ever whine/complain/envy – but if you did, how could you turn it around?  Share it with me, I love feedback!


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