You Big Ole Beautiful Soul

This is the second version as I write through tears because I lost that moment of the first draft when my browser decided to quit and I lost everything I had written.  It was a moment I can’t get back but through tears I choose to write it again in the hopes that this version will be even better because of it.

I saw him (at least 4 generations older then I) and thoughts took me back to two months prior the first time I laid eyes on him. This time I was grocery shopping and exiting the store and whispered to my sister “I think that’s him”.

Rewind two months ago and I was shopping at this same grocery store with my mom. We decided to have coffee and relax after we finished shopping.  There was a man nearby sipping his diet coke and eating a candy bar. While I continued in conversation I was riveted by this man. Did he fight in the war? Was he married or alone? Did he have anyone living who cared about him? What kind of job did he have and I wondered about the pages of his life he left behind. I fixed my gaze on him and I wanted him to know that he and his story mattered.  I wanted him to know for that moment that he wasn’t invisible and that his story was just as important. 

Today this older generation is often forgotten and ignored. Media is all about the trends the young, the famous, those who have accomplished so much but is anyone more important than this man sitting in front of me?

I wanted to say hello to this man and ask him about his story and his life but I didn’t know where to begin and didn’t want to disturb him. He got up after finishing his snacks and stumbled away. He couldn’t walk very well but he was managing. I really wanted to know where he was going and was he okay?


After coming home I tried to go on with my day but I couldn’t stop thinking about him. So as I tried to fall asleep I cried over this man who I didn’t even know and through tears I prayed for him.  I worried he was discouraged or sad or had no one and I wanted him to feel loved and special because he deserved that.

Today as I was exiting the store there was a narrow pathway and he wasn’t looking in my direction. He had a walker and bike helmet this time and seemed to be on a mission heading towards customer service. I told my sister I thought it was him and looked back but only saw the back of his head.  In seeing him again today I knew I had to write this post and not save it for another day.

The title of this post is “You Big Ole Beautiful Soul” and I don't mean the man was big in size but big in accomplishments and he had a rich soul that I’m sure could fill museums.

I’m still not sure why he tugged at my heart that day and maybe it was because he was a kindred spirit in disguise or maybe it was to show me the beauty and richness of this man’s life. Or maybe someone reading this needed to hear it.

What has moved you lately? I’d love to hear it in the comments below if you feel comfortable sharing.



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