Your new must have for fall winter 2015

The essential oil of lemon is going to be your new ‘must have’ for winter 2015 and at the end of this teeny, tiny blog post you’ll be wanting to send me presents.

First of all, ALWAYS ask the origin of your essential oils and are they steam distilled (you never want chemically distilled oils). Secondly, Do. Not. Ingest. essential oils.  These are for topical use only and never use them neat (straight out of the bottle onto your skin).  ALWAYS use a carrier oil to blend them with.

Now on to the star of the show…Miss Lemon Essential Oil 2015!!!

Feeling a little stuffed up?  Congested?  Put a few drops of our lemon essential oil in your diffuser and if you don’t have one, put a few drops in a pot of water and put on the stove to simmer.  Try and stay in the same room and inhale (do not inhale the burning hot steam coming off the pot, just a reminder).

Works as a wonderful room freshener and can help increase alertness and concentration.  Add a few drops to a spray bottle and spray frequently, astringent properties mean you can use it as a face toner for oily skin and as a hand cleaner, even use it in the kitchen to wipe down all your surfaces.  Your kitchen/bathroom/living room will smell so fresh and pure. 

Don’t have a spray bottle?  Dip tiny cotton balls in our lemon essential oil and put them in a bottle cap and place on bookshelves or behind lamps (out of the way).  This way the air will be permeated with the scent of fresh lemons and you’ll reap the benefits including calming and distressing.

Lemon is a powerhouse for its cleansing properties but it also has calming effect.  We only sell steam distilled lemon essential oil and yes, its ‘therapeutic grade’.  We use this term to state our essential oils are the highest quality that we have personally sourced and are not diluted.  Also it’s a widely used term that customers look for when purchasing essential oils.

Here’s to a winter of less colds/flu’s and seasonal stresses, all thanks to the lemon!!

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