Zucchini Zoodles Raw Recipe

There was a time in our lives when we decided that a myriad of health issues could be solved with a raw, vegan diet.  So in typical fashion, we embraced the lifestyle wholeheartedly and did this for 18 months straight!

We went online, purchased raw vegan recipe books and became experts on the best blenders (we have a Vitamix and highly recommend this brand) and dehydrators (we own a Excalibur and recommend this brand).  The lifestyle did what it promised, health issues dissolved, fat melted away and we became raw foodies, even travelling to Maui for 3 weeks and continuing with the raw food plan.

We even assembled our own recipe book with tried and true favorites including the zucchini zoodles that we’d make for a fast treat.  We bought an inexpensive spiralizer and its still with us.

Here’s the recipe:

  • 1 zucchini
  • Your favorite dressing.

Peel your zucchini and chop into 3 inch rounds.  We don’t like having our noodle being 18 inches long, so we came up with cutting the zucchini midway (half the circumference).  This allows short curls but you can do whatever you like.  Go through each of the zucchini rounds and spiralize them.  Here’s where you can get creative, throw in some peas, chopped carrots, corn nibblets, anything in your fridge, celery, marinated artichoke hearts, the sky is the limit.  If you have some cold cooked chicken throw that into the salad, tomatoes…anything goes, the goal is to get more raw veggies into your diet.

You can use your favorite dressing and you’re ready to go.  Or you can make your own creamy dressing.  We usually threw a handful of soaked cashew nuts in the blender (we love our Vitamix), add some lemon juice or vinegar, basil leaves, hot sauce and some water to thin it out.  Dress your zucchini zoodles and enjoy a fresh new way to enjoy salad.

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