Welcome to our Wellness section

As you know, we started in 2002 making soap, we evolved into a full apothecary line and then added silversmithing. All good companies evolve and if they don't, they run the risk of growing stale or becoming invisible. Two years ago, after going on a journey of losing 70+ pounds Michelle had a light bulb moment and together we realized that Two Blooms encompasses wellness as well. We still make everything from scratch with our apothecary to give you those quiet spa like moments during your day. Our elegant minimal jewellery line makes you look and feel great. So because fitness has always been a big part of Michelle's life it was a natural progression that she start a fitness page to motivate others to move. She's started a You Tube page and will be posting weekly workouts. Caron's journey is a little different, since getting an autoimmune diagnosis two years ago, she's become an expert in healing the body with natural solutions. Now that her body is finally healing she is tackling weight loss and finally discovering the joy in moving more and often. Welcome to our page, so much remains consistent in that it is still two sisters, more importantly we are evolving to make you not only look good but feel good as well.

Intro Video

1. 11-minute Full Body Sculpt

7-minute Flow & Stretch Workout

11-minute Stretch for Hip Mobility

20-minute Lower Body Workout

20-minute HIIT Workout

20-minute Mini ball Sculpt