brass salt spoon
copper salt spoon
brass salt spoon
copper salt spoon
copper salt spoon
copper salt spoon
brass salt spoon
brass or copper salt spoon
brass and copper salt spoons

Salt Spoon

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A beautiful hand-forged brass or copper salt spoon that can be used to measure salt, sugar and spices. This spoon can be used as a photo prop to take flat lays. This makes a perfect one-of-a-kind gift. Each spoon is hand cut and has its own personality. Please allow for slight variances between spoons.


Metal— Brass or Copper
Spoon Size—About 1"
Length of Handle—About 4"

Copper is popular for a variety of mixed-metal and alternative metal designs; its affordability adds an additional facet to its popularity.  Others love copper for the perceived spiritual/medicinal properties that come from the mineral.

CDA #110 copper • 99.9% pure

Jeweller's brass is also known as red brass, NuGold, Merlin's gold and jeweller’s bronze.CDA #230 alloy (85% copper/15% zinc).

Sand & Silver jewelry is minimalist and bold to match your uniqueness. A passionate silver smith meticulously handcrafts every piece in the beautiful city of Victoria BC. situated on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. With you, in mind, we use sterling silver, 14k gold or rose gold-filled, copper and brass. Our original line also includes stone settings.

Whether you love to climb mountains, explore, or simply enjoy the breathtaking views of the island, know that I have you in mind with every piece I create.

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