Leather Wrap Bracelets

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Find your perfect accessory with our on trend leather wraps.

Measure your wrist size for a comfortable fit. Choose your style and colour. (allow about 1/2" to close and open with clasp)

For the double wraps use a measuring tape and wrap twice around your wrist (allow 1/2" to close and open)

1. Bronze circle beige single leather wrap (7.5")
2. Copper circle brown single leather wrap (6 7/8")
3. Silver dipped circle black suede single leather wrap (7.25")
4. Silver dipped rectangle brown single leather wrap (8")
5. Copper oval burgundy double leather wrap (13")
6. Copper circle burnt orange double leather wrap (14")

Bronze fabrication material offers a slightly antiqued yellow-metal look ideal for mixed metal and alternative-metal designs. As a base metal, bronze also provides a very affordable price point.

Copper is popular for a variety of mixed-metal and alternative metal designs; its affordability adds an additional facet to its popularity.  Others love copper for the perceived spiritual/medicinal properties that come from the mineral.

CDA #110 copper • 99.9% pure

This metal is silver dipped over Brass, and treated with a special, non-tarnish finish.

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