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Formulated to ease tension and headaches. Use our dynamic blend when your head is starting to pound and you can feel the tension building. Our essential oil blend includes cooling Peppermint and versatile Lavender essential oil. Apply during the early stages of tension for best results. Roll on under your nose, on the temples of your face (about 1 inch from your eyes towards the hairline), along the back of your neck.  Re-apply throughout the day.

Use— Our Therapeutic Roll-Ons are alcohol-free with unique extra strength custom blended scents based on our years of experience. We've created the ultimate oils for the gym, the office, or vacation. All of our oils have been tested with great results. Each roll-on comes in an eco-friendly glass that can be washed out and re-used. Please choose your choice in the drop-down menu.

Ingredients— Fractionated coconut oil, our proprietary essential oil blend including Mint and Lavender

Size— 10 ml size

Customer Review: "This works wonders on my headaches. I just roll it along the back of my neck and temples." A.N

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